Thursday, August 6, 2009

ehhhhh, what's up doc?

snapshots of my interior terrain at the moment, in no particular order:
  • still fending off anxiety [okay, panic really] about various grown-up/real world situations which are far from resolved, but trying not to let that get in the way of some day-to-day quality of life for me and la familia.
  • feeling good about where all 4 kids are at the moment. Leah's speaking is progressing rapidly -- definitely no language issues -- just pronounciation ones. Jayla's really looking forward to 1st grade [as am I, on her behalf]. I think it will be good for her in many ways. Jared and Chris both seem happy both are growing in ways I am proud of. Yay mom!
  • trying to achieve 3 "c's" every day: clean somethin', create somethin', cross somethin' off my to-do list.
  • feel myself shedding the moderate depressive episode I was suffering through much of the spring and into the summer...
  • so happy with this purchase that it's worth blogging about: wearing this:
  • Stearns Puddle Jumpers,
    Leah at not yet 3 can be in the pool where she can't stand without me physically in the water. I can jsut "life gaurd" next to the pool. She gets to swim with sis and brother and I don't have to get in the water! woo hoo! and she really can tread water and doggie paddle very well with it on!
  • found my first grey hairs. was surprisingly okay with it. yes I am into my 40s. i will never be 22 again. or 32 for that matter. am determined to love who i am and where i am now. it has helped hanging out with some fabulous creative and sexy women in the same age range. determined to do more of that.
  • learning to be selfish in positive ways rather than destructive ones. ways that feed me so that i can feed others.
errghhh... need to take potty break with Leah. she's toilet-learning wonderfully, but insists on an audience each and every time.

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