Thursday, May 29, 2008

New York to recognize gay marriages -

New York to recognize gay marriages -

is that the sound of a tide turning?

so few news headlines actually bring me real hope for our current trajectory.

this one does.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i really dislike

how warm i get when i use my laptop on my lap.

Major changes urged in transracial adoption

The Associated Press: Major changes urged in transracial adoption

I agree with the new recommendations. fwiw.

A key recommendation in the new report calls for amending the law so race could be considered as a factor in selecting parents for children from foster care. The change also would allow race-oriented pre-adoption training.
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hang in there buster...

i adore you and i'm not ready to say good-bye...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

One day ...

when I have enough free time to learn a new craft.

This is what I will learn to make myself...

Favorite Discovery of the Day

Junk Creation

My new favorite blog for inspiration and ideas...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

in the 7-11 today ...

I was pleasantly startled by the TIME Magazine cover.

I wonder if Hillary knows.

Btw: I was steadfastly undecided between the two Democratic front runners for months and months. I didn't even vote in the VA primary [well I was also out-of-town at the last minute -- but even if I hadn't been, I had no idea who I preferred.] I've never been a Hillary-hater. In fact, I used to admire her.

But. Two things happened. One, Barak Obama's courageous speech on race after the Rev. Wright brouhaha. Two, Hillary Clinton's slow seepage into the kind of slimy and selfish political shenanigans the likes of which I honestly could not believe I was seeing from her. She has absolutely and defintively played the "race card" in a most unattractive [oh, heck ... downright detestable] way. Over the last 6 to 8 weeks, using even the kindest and most forgiving filter I could, I still cannot see her campaign as anything other than unprincipled, selfish and desperate. She knows she's going down, and she doesn't seem to care who she takes with her. And that's heartbreaking.

But, folks, don't be alarmed. If by some freak and undemocratic manuever, she does end up with the nomination, I will indeed be pulling the lever for a Democrat come November. Because, a selfish, self-serving Democrat still seems a better bet than a Bush-Republican. And by "better bet," I mean: less likely to have us at war with Iran, less likely to continue to allow the oil interests in this country to have their way with the us and the environment, and more likely to actually stop to see if her administration's policies are hurting or helping the most vulnerable among us.

this is my life ...

there are not enough expletives in my vocabulary

to express my disdain and frustration and disgust with our bank.

they have your money, they make the rules, and the deck is so heavily stacked in their favor that i feel like withdrawing all our money and sticking it under the mattress.


seriously freakin' PO'D!!!!!!!!

and this is how I feel *after* I win the fight to get them to refund the TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS IN OVERDRAFT FEES they charged us while they held a perfectly good check from my ils made to save our skin -- while at the same time only giving us HALF the overdraft protection we usually get!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

i rock

i just created the above blog banner all by my lonesome using the confounding adobe photoshop elements. i say confounding because despite the fact that i am a very quick study when it comes to most software i've ever tried ... any version of photoshop has always kicked my butt.

why the heck?

trying to consolidate or at least organize my on-line life.

so many facets to it.

the store website, the store blog, LJ, facebook, linked-in, plus 3 to 4 more "professional" networking sites ...

A couple of weeks ago i created a tumblog because I thought it would be an easy platform to use to capture things I wanted to share that were kind of off-topic for my store blog, but didn't need the privacy of LJ. And while I like the easy, light feel of tumblr and its interface ... it's felt burdensome to have yet another site to manage.

so, since i've found the blogger interface manageable, and i've been groovin' on how well integrated a lot of the [free!] google services and products are ... well ... I thought I would try the "in between" blog here -- instead of tumblr.

Hence here I am again ...