Tuesday, June 2, 2009

random ten things on my mind at the moment

a (current) random ten things to share with you at the moment:

(1) I have continued to cut my hair.  Most of you reading this would be shocked at how short it is.  Really there are only 2 people previous to this who have ever seen my hair this short -- Bruce L. [who was with me in San Fran, 20-some years ago when I cut it like this before my trip to Africa, and Lynn S. whom I traveled with in Africa.]   I like it.  Well, I like it short -- and I like the overall shape -- but I feel it could use some fine-tuning by a professional.  though that's unlikely to happen.

(2) I feel thinner than I have in a while.  Result of walking the dogs between 1 and 2 miles [almost] every day.  Unfortunately neither the scale nor my clothes agree. yet.

(3) Despite the fact that I have more energy and volition than I have had in years, I feel like I am not making progress.  in areas that i would like to progress.

(4) I want my very own [ok, I'd share it with John and the kids] in-ground, private pool outside my back door, more than [almost] anything else.  It is extremely unlikely to ever happen.

(5) Was excited to find that some of the eggs the chickens have been sitting on for the last weeks have actually hatched!!  Three so far today!  We've hatched plenty of chicks from our own chickens this year -- but always in the incubator.  These were the first ones the ladies did themselves!!  I was very proud of them.

(6)  I FINALLY [after receiving a more than mildly threatening letter from the county] made Jared's homeschooling "official" with the school system.  Only 7 mo late!  

(7) I feel hopeless about the prospects of getting the house/chaos/mess under control.  At this point I am hoping for a miracle.  Like a roving good-samaritan-house-cleaning crew that wanders down Orrison Road and wants to do a good deed.  Or Ed McMahan knocking on my door with a big fat check. 

(8) Having a teen driver is terrifying.  CB is good at it, but STILL.   A car is freakin' DEADLY.  Who on earth thought that teenagers should be able to drive?  Now that I am helping someone learn, I realize how freakin' dangerous the whole activity really is -- and how many of us probably shouldn't be behind the wheel.

okay, i promised 10 things, but have to make a bus stop run...