Monday, February 2, 2009

thoughts at 2:00 am

1. i love "burn notice." now watching my 3rd straight episode in a row.
2. i don't know how i will manage to correct my sleep schedule at this point. especially seeing as i don't seem to want to. what i really want is not to need more than about 5 hours sleep a night.
3. being a grown up is both much better and much worse than i ever expected.
4. if i want to be asleep before 3:00 am, I probably shouldn't be cracking open another diet coke at 2:00 am.
5. i would really like another dog. a big scary-looking one that is really a cuddle-muffin. but i am afraid that's not fair to Gina. Who is about 15 years old, fairly deaf, with failing eyesight. So, we're just kind of waiting for her to pass. Which is kind of a bummer place to be in relation to your dog that is generally healthy if completely and totally geriatric.
6. i think the best part of "burn notice" is Michael Weston's voice-overs and Jeffrey Donovan's smile.

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